Shambhu Cafe

At Shambhu Cafe, we provide a range of hydrotherapy services, encompassing amenities such as a saltwater infinity pool, herbal steam baths, and cold or ice water plunges. These therapeutic modalities are esteemed for their potential to alleviate muscle soreness, diminish muscle inflammation, and enhance blood circulation. In addition to our hydrotherapy services, we have diversified our offerings to include a selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly food and beverages.

Our establishment caters to the needs of both individual guests and group activities, boasting various recreational facilities. These include a designated fire pit area conducive to social gatherings, tranquil bamboo grove relaxation zones, and dedicated spaces for group activities. We take pride in our pioneering role in delivering comprehensive hydrotherapy services, seamlessly integrating principles from healing sciences, nutrition, and community engagement to promote holistic well-being.

Based on our operational experience at Amaravati Wellness Center, we have identified a growing demand for natural, non-pharmaceutical remedies for physical ailments, particularly in the areas of muscle pain relief and relaxation. In response, we have sought out methods that yield tangible results and are internationally recognized. Our exploration has led us to the practice of hydrotherapy, which encompasses:
  • Controlled muscle movements in water to mitigate impact and provide therapeutic support
  • Herbal steam baths for skin cleansing and inflammation reduction, leveraging the anti-inflammatory properties of certain herbs to alleviate skin irritations and respiratory issues
  • Cold or ice water immersion to alleviate inflammation, stimulate blood circulation, and promote skin cell regeneration

Recognizing the holistic benefits of these therapies, we are confident that they can better address the needs of our clientele. Consequently, we have established Shambhu Cafe, a hydrotherapy cafe infused with natural essences, designed to foster social engagement and enhance the pursuit of a holistic lifestyle.

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